Our vineyards

The unique characteristics of the soil give personality to our wines.

The estate is located in Scansano, in the heart of Maremma, near the Etruscan site of Ghiaccio Forte of the IV Century BC to whose name it is attributed and where the cultivation of vines was a vital resource.

The property includes 46 hectares divided in four vineyards, as well as pasture and woodland to preserve local biodiversity.

The main grape variety is Sangiovese, locally known as Morellino, and there is also Carignano Nero, existing in this area since ancient times,

documented in the land registry of 1929 and now the subject of study for its enhancement by the University of Milano.

Vermentino has also been recently planted.

Pian del Dado

Medium textured soil, exposed to the east, affected by the cool influences from the nearby Monte Amiata. The altitude is 200 m over sea level.

Colonna Aquilaia

Clay-limestone soil that provides structure and vigor to the grapes, exposed to the north and northwest, benefits from the breeze coming from the sea. The average altitude is 250 m above sea level, cultivated with Sangiovese and Carignan with an average age of eighteen years. The part dedicated to Vermentino, with plants around 7 years old, is exposed to the south and south-east.


Clay-sandy soil, north, north-west exposure, is affected by sea winds and enjoys a good temperature range between daylight and night thanks to the proximity of Mount Amiata. The altitude is 250 m above sea level. The plants are four years old.


Calcareous soil, south and south-east exposure, benefits from the first light of day. Cultivated together with the olive tree, it traces the ancient local tradition. The altitude is 250 m above sea level.

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