We take care of the environment by encouraging biodiversity

Organic viticulture

Organic viticulture is the starting point and the tool to produce wines that express the uniqueness and peculiarity of the territory of origin, as well as the irreproducible soul of every vintage. In order to have a balanced vineyard, the soil is enriched with organic matter, the foliage of the vines is maintained by hand to expose sun and wind in the just the right manner, wild plants are left to grow to accommodate insects that control one another. Respect for biodiversity is a prerequisite for healthy vines and quality grapes.

Organic vineyards teem with life. Their robust roots dig deep and they express a real connection with the land. Organic farming is the means but quality is the end.

What does Organic Viticulture mean?

“Organic viticulture” means that we use only substances found in nature or obtained through simple processes to protect and feed plants in the countryside.

Biodiversity is encouraged in organic vineyards and the vines grow in a soil that is rich in life. Grass growing between the rows enables this delicate balance: herbaceous plants also house many forms of insects that control each other, leaving less room for certain parasites.

Treatments against certain parasites are carried out using only sulphur and copper in their simplest compositions. Against harmful insects we use only natural plant products

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